18 mile loop – day 1/3

Fighting my way up the hill at Widmerpool
Fighting my way up the hill at Widmerpool

Now I know what I know about CKD muscle tissue, I feel one of the important things I need to do is see how my muscles cope with some daily rides of decent length. I have work on at the moment so I can’t knock out fifty milers, but I think I can manage an 18 mile loop for the next three days.

This is the first ride since the biopsy, so I was keen to find out how it felt. The answer: fine. I didn’t even notice it.

The biggest problem was my fingers feeling like they were going to fall off with the cold – I only took my fingerless gloves. Ooyah. I’ll take my fancy warm ones tomorrow I think.

I worked out an 18 mile loop going through Willoughby on the Wolds, Widmerpool, Keyworth, Bunny and East Leake (where I stopped off for some doughnuts and some ingredients for tea – broccoli and quorn!).

Here’s my garmin output for the ride:

My aim is to do the same ride tomorrow and wednesday, and see how I feel. It’ll be interesting to see if I’m slower or faster, too – whether the muscle damage overrides the training effect. Or if this is too short a distance to cause me many problems.

Here’s my video from the ride – as a bonus you can see me troughing down jam donuts at the end!

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