18 mile loop – day 2/3

So – today was day two of my 18 miles a day experiment. Here’s the garmin data:

About half way round, approaching Bunny
About half way round, approaching Bunny
At first it looks better, but that’s because I didn’t go to the co-op and do shopping in the middle, I just got a drink from a garage and scarfed a donut. The important number can only be seen if you click through to the detail – average moving speed – this discounts time spent stationary. Yesterday it was 11.8 mph, and today it was 11.6 mph.

I was considerably faster on the first half of the ride, but then slowed down on the end. I found one hill section particularly difficult (this is the little trough on the speed graph at around 1:14). I didn’t have to get off and walk though.

Let’s see how I get on tomorrow. The conditions were worse today so it could partly be that, but on balance I’d say that today I did find it little harder than yesterday. It could just be that the wind was in my face a bit on the last sections of the ride.

Here’s the usual speedy video, until my battery ran out, just after I said hello to some nice horses:

ps – hundreds of years from now, when children ask their parents what it meant to be cool in the early years of the 21st century, they will just show them this video of me fixing up my waterproof cycling overshoes with gaffer tape:

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