18 mile Loughborough loop

Loughborough town centre
Loughborough town centre

Tomorrow, I’m being filmed by the BBC! So no training then. I’m trying to pack in as much as possible though, so did another 18 miler today – this time the wind was gently blowing from the west, so I needed to come back down the road from Hathern to Rempstone. I worked out a route through Burton, Barrow, Quorn, Loughborough, Hathern & Rempstone. I was born in Barrow and lived in Loughborough for nigh on 20 years so know the route really well. It was quite nice to do it again!

I found it fairly easy again – if I manage to keep these up most days, it will be excellent training I think.

Here’s the ride data:

And the usual speedy footage:

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