18 miles, Drizzle, and a skylark

Approaching Hoton
Approaching Hoton

Pretty poor weather today. Drizzling constantly, pretty cool. Not much wind though.

I had to pop to Loughborough to drop something off, so I incorporated that into my 18 miles (hence the slightly strange route). I am feeling pretty tired constantly at the mo – I slept in this morning until 8 o’clock which is later than normal, and I’m still tired now. I seem to be capable of pushing through with the daily rides though as long as I take it easy. I think I may stop a week before we go on the big ride though, to give myself a chance to recover from the training.

One pleasant bonus was a skylark, which I actually managed to record – here he is. You can’t actually see it (what initially looks like it is just muck on my lens) but the song is nice and clear:

I noticed my GPS wasn’t recording until a mile and a half out, hence the gap at the beginning:

And here’s the usual speedy footage:

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