You know when you plan a holiday – you work out where you’re going, book the hotels, ferry etc, then you wait for ages and it seems like it’s never going to come? And then all of a sudden somehow it’s two days away, having segued from “ages away” to “really really soon” in the blink of an eye?

Well, I have that feeling, only I’ve actually got to cycle there rather than go in a plane or a car. Rich has already set off from Devon (going to see his dad tonight – coming round to mine for tea and to stay tomorrow night). Making the final plans to pick up Andy on Wednesday morning, and Shaun’s mum’s dropping him off about half eight. Some friends may turn up to wave us off too.

We are going from just in front of Wymeswold school at 9.15 on the dot on Wednesday morning – Arthur’s class and teachers are coming out to stand around awkwardly, and we’ll take some photos that may make it into the Echo. Then we’re off!

Eek. Packing the case now – need to get some Euros tomorrow. Just added Shaun to my car insurance, after a brief panic thinking I had been driving around without any for a year. It’s OK though, I’d just forgotten to update my email address.

It’s pissing with rain right now – but the forecast says Wednesday will be sunny – albeit with a 13mph wind right in our faces. Still – you can’t have everything. Now, let me get back to panicking about what I’ve forgotten.

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