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GPS & backup
GPS & backup

A few people have expressed an interest in where I’ll be when, the precise route etc. I’ve just sorted that out recently, and my wife just asked, so she could follow along with our son. So, this post will tell you where we are when. No stalkers, please. And only throw underpants if they’re my size.

I’ve worked out the route using a site called – it’s been a great help. I paid for a subscription ($50 per year/$6 per month) so I could get turn by turn directions from the exports. There are other ways to do this, but I found it really helpful – and the software that came with my Garmin GPS was basically crap.

We set off on Wednesday May 4th at 9.15 from outside Wymeswold Primary School. Anyone who wants to come wave us off, feel free – although I can’t promise excitement. We’ll be taking a picture for the Loughborough Echo.

Day 1, May 4 : Wymeswold to Northampton – 48 miles

Day 2, May 5 : Northampton to Hemel Hempstead – 54 miles

Day 3, May 6 : Hemel Hempstead to South London – 36 miles

Day 4, May 7 : London to East Grinstead – the start of the Avenue Verte – 47 miles

Day 5, May 8 : East Grinstead to Newhaven – 53 miles

Day 6, May 9 : Ferry at 9.30, arriving at 14:30 french time in Dieppe. Day off!

Day 7, May 10 : Dieppe to Forges-les-Eaux – 35 miles

Day 8, May 11: Forges-les-Eaux to Gisors – 41 miles

Day 9, May 12: Gisors to Cergy – 40 miles

Day 10, May 13: Cergy to Paris – 41 miles

There’s a little uncertainty about this – I might take a easier route through Paris – I’ve yet to decide. But my guess is this is the one I’ll go with:

Day 11, May 14: Getting drunk in Paris

Day 12, May 15: Driving home!

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