Family loop

Me with Arthur on the tagalong
Me with Arthur on the tagalong

I want to ramp up the cycling this month, as it’s less than a month to go before our big adventure – but Arthur didn’t want me to go out for two hours – so I said we’d all go out together on a shorter ride instead. Arthur on the tagalong attached to my bike, and Ali on my old mountain bike. A bonus is that I could stick the camera on her handlebars to catch me and Arthur tootling along.

Fortunately there are a few good little loops nearby – this is the one we did:

I found it nice and easy, so at least I’ve recovered from that 40 mile hellfest on Wednesday. There wasn’t much wind today either – what there was was against us on our return, but it was minimal. Arthur pedalled a bit too, which went *some* way to making up for his dead weight the rest of the time!

Here’s the usual video, this time from a different angle thanks to WifeCam 2000©.

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