Front page news!

Ifrontpage didn’t get the chance to blog about it at the time as I’m busy as hell – but I got on the front page of the Loughborough Echo. I knew they were doing a feature on me but I didn’t know it was on the front page!

They did a really good job on it too, including the comic strip (in part, on the header and then in full on page 4), pictures of me and my son Arthur, my dad Malcolm, and even a couple of me and Andy and me and my wife Ali!

innserI’ve been to the shops a few times in various places – loughborough, leicester, villages nearby, and seen it sitting there in the news stands staring out at me. I’ve managed to resist the (strong) urge to point at it and shout “HEY THAT’S ME!”, but it’s only a matter of time before my resolve breaks.

They’ve just put the online version of the story up now too.