Gotham loop / Doctor’s Strike Teacake Delivery Failure

Coming down the hill near Clifton
Coming down the hill near Clifton

Firstly, today’s the first day of the junior doctor’s strike. I’ll try to be even handed and give both sides their due. On the one hand you’ve got junior doctors, who work ridiculous hours keeping us alive, and on the other hand you’ve got Jeremy Hunt, who with the best will in the world is perhaps best described as a mendacious sack of shit.

So it wasn’t Jeremy Hunt I was trying to deliver Tunnock’s Teacakes to today. Sadly, though, my research was not of the highest quality – I thought I’d find a group of placard waving junior doctors outside Loughborough Hospital to deliver teacakes and assorted biscuits to – but there were none! So I’ll have to lend my support digitally rather than through unhealthy snacks. The upside is I get to pig myself on the biscuits.

Biscuit delivery failure aside, another 18 mile loop today. Wind from the northwest, so I cobbled together a tall “loop” going to Ruddington, Clifton and back through Gotham (no batmen, sadly) and East Leake. Wind was against me all the way, so it was mildly difficult – but the way back was nice and speedy.

A particular highlight is the wide open plain full of bright yellow rape fields that greets you once you escape the grotty clutches of Clifton – the ride from Clifton down to Gotham was stellar stuff. Check out the video from 2 minutes 40 and imagine my pleasure – WHEEEEE!

Here’s the route info:

And the customary speedy footage:

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