On the radio again!

Me, in an atrium, with sweaty palms.
Me, in an atrium, with sweaty palms.

Yesterday, I got a call from Radio Leicester, asking if I could be on again. Yep, I said. So I was!

I also dropped a line to the Loughborough Echo a few days ago, asking them if they wanted to do another piece on me. I explained that I was going to be setting off on their release date (weds 4), and wondered if I could send them stuff as I went, so they could do a piece in the next issue. They mailed back though and said they wanted to do two! So they’ll do one just before I go covering the training etc, and then another with an update on my progress – and then I dunno, maybe a third one covering the repatriation of my corpse.

Anyway – for now, here’s me on the radio!

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