I always find it hard to find the impetus to go cycling in winter.  Particularly so this year as I am starting to really feel a bit spaced out due to the kidney failure.  I feel like a nap shortly after getting up. It’s hard to prise that apart from natural 41 year old laziness, though.

So, as soon as the weather isn’t quite so apocalyptically windy and cold, I’m going to be setting out on the bike again to see if I can build up some fitness to help with this awful thing I’ve decided to do. One positive thing is that I’m thinner than I have been in about 5 years, due to the really restrictive diet I have to follow because my kidneys aren’t getting the job done – I have to keep phosporus and potassium levels down, or my bones will dissolve(!) or heart stop, respectively.  Which in effect means:

– Very little dairy produce (CHEESE!  BEAUTIFUL CHEESE!)
– Very few potatoes (CHIPS! MASH! BAKED POTATOES! MY GOD.)
– A lot of thought about other stuff too, but those are the biggies for me.

So, anyway.   I need to get out on my bike!