Second training ride (slightly less ouch)

So yesterday, thanks to Imogen’s stormy shenanigans, going outside was like stepping into a washing machine in mid-cycle – so I left the bike in the house. Today, though, is cold but beautiful – so I nipped up the hill again.

I remembered how to use my Garmin GPS this time, too, so you can marvel at some very dull numbers as well as look at a very basic map:

Hopefully I can get those stats improving as I go on. I also took a video not of my nostrils and groin, so you can see where I go (vertical, again, because of the clamp – and some wonderfully strange distortion effects as Apple’s video software tries to deal with high speed vibration):

What I need to do now is do that every day, or at least every other day, and branch out into some longer rides when I can. Will probably try a 25 miler soon (I won’t video all that though, but I’ll try to get some photos to brighten up the impossibly dull text).

Sponsorship wise, we’re over £3,000 now, which is beyond awesome. Massive thanks to the friends and strangers who have donated!