We’ve been friends for over 20 years – worked together for about 18, and ran a business together for about 11. Yet he still feels able to spend 10 days cycling to Paris with me.  That, my friends, is tolerance.

He’s fitter than me, thinner than me, and takes better photos than me.


Rich was the best man at my wedding.

We’ve been friends for over 20 years too. At some point he’s going to realise he’s made a terrible mistake. Perhaps some time during this bike ride he will do so.

He’s way fitter than me, and considerably fitter than Andy too – so we’re going to have to make him carry us for the last 100 miles or so.


You know enough about me already – hell, this whole website is about me and my bloody kidneys.  I drink ladies’ drinks and I ride a bike slowly.  And I have an enormous misshapen head.

I have a son and a wife, and they are both better than me.