The video from yesterday, and sleep!

Argh! Double bed
Argh! Double bed

I left the video uploading overnight, and sometime around AARGH o’clock it finished. The only flies in this hotel’s otherwise pristine ointment  are the crappy wifi and the fact that we have double beds.

Fortunately Rich and I have known each other an awful long time and it’s not too mortifying. We both slept pretty well – the bed was at least comfy and the room quiet and cool. My habit of surrounding myself with ten thousand pillows helped also, as it meant there was something in between us, which made this situation less likely:

We’re off for breakfast at half seven, but both Rich and I have small children – his smaller than mine – so there is some hateful part of our brains that wakes up at five AM. We’re messing around on the internet and waiting to meet Shaun and Andy at half seven for breakfast.

Anyway – here’s the video. It covers the first cycle paths after we escaped Northampton, the noodling through the wide open rape field country, and ends just as we finish the glorious downhill winding through Hartwell

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