To Leicester via Berrycot Lane

Amusing bush in Abbey Park
Amusing bush in Abbey Park

We wanted to go to the pictures today to see the new Jungle Book film (which was very good by the way). I wanted to get my ride in too – so I cycled in and Ali met me in a car park at noon, so we could scarf down some nosh and then go to the pictures. It all worked out great. The wind was behind me all the way, so it was a lovely ride.

I particularly recommend Berrycot Lane, going down from Paudy Lane near Six Hills to Seagrave. It’s only two miles but it’s HEAVEN. ¬†Gentle downhill all the way, single track road, through farmland and trees – you can see the towers of Leicester off in the distance. In the speedy video below, it’s from 00:58 to 1:17.

Here’s the route I took:

And the speedy video:

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