Training pause


I’m going to have a pause for a few days in training. Doing it daily, I’ve been noticing that my calves are getting sore – they even throb a little at night in bed. This happened to me about 12 years ago when I used to cycle 15 miles a day – I went to a physiotherapist at the time and he was absolutely useless. In the end it didn’t seem to be getting too much worse and I stopped going. Never did find out what it was.

Recently, having found out about the muscle study, it strikes me that what was wrong might well have been this slow muscle damage repair in CKD patients thing. Presumably I’m just sore because they’ve not recovered from the cumulative exercise yet. So I’m going to give myself a few days pause and see if they start feeling better, and how long that takes – I don’t want to spoil myself for the ride. ¬†There’s only two weeks to go!

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