Me, Mum and Arthur on the telly.

My mum, doing her interview
My mum, doing her interview

So, yesterday (Wednesday 13th April) was the big day for filming of East Midlands Today! Also it was the nicest day of the spring so far.

I got up at 7.15, set off to pick up Andy for 8.15, and we were being filmed razzing away on exercise bikes by 9.00 in the excellent Leicester Diabetes Centre gym (the Kidney Care Appeal use it too) and talking to Jo Healey from East Midlands Today.

They also had some other kidney patients down to make the shots a little more busy, who had all signed releases to be on film, and members of staff helping them out. It was an interesting hour, and Andy and I managed to do about 15k each on the bikes. After viewing the footage I got to see that I was also moving in a bizarre wobbly headed way, like those weird inflatable waving men you get outside car showrooms. Hey ho.

Later in the day I sprang Arthur from school on the tagalong, and we were filmed tootling up and down the road, chatting away in a nearby field, then in the back garden while he did his level best to kill himself on the trampoline. Mum had a little interview and did especially well, I think – one take and they were done with her. I look like a mumbling banana headed monster by comparison.

Then I made toad in the hole, red cabbage and broccoli. Mmm.

Today, it’s raining again, and I’ve got to do another 18 miles. Bah!

Anyway – here it is:

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