Visiting KCA / evening ride with Arthur

The boy, enjoying himself.
The boy, enjoying himself.

I’ve been fairly quiet this week after last week’s training binge. I’ve had a lot of work to get out of the way. Today, though, I paid a visit to Dr Alice Smith of the Kidney Care Appeal, to see what else I might be able to do to help out. More on that another time.

I’ve not done any cycling since last Wednesday, but I have done some walking – most notably, Win Hill in Derbyshire, which was on the first really nice springlike day we’ve had. It was absolutely fantastic – I’m normally a pretty happy fellow but up there I was ridiculously so. It was heavenly. Whether you’re healthy or not, make sure you take the time to do some exercise in the gorgeous spring weather, it’s good for the soul.

This evening, spring was most definitely in the air, and Arthur and I both wanted to go get some exercise – so we went for a tootle around the village with the tagalong bike (this sort of thing – although I seem to remember it being a hell of a lot cheaper than that one).

I clipped my little camera to my belt to film him – he noticed it half way round and started to play up for the camera, but both before and after are quite sweet in their own way.

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