Yay! My made up target reached! £5k!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 16.02.25
^ A screenshot from the Justgiving page as it went over the top

Hooray!  Today, thanks to some cheques from friends of my mum’s, I’ve topped £5,000!

That’s absolutely great. I am immensely grateful, and I know that Alice, Nat, Emma, James and others at the Kidney Care Appeal are also deliriously happy with the volunteering and all these donations and publicity they’ve got as a result of our cycling shenanigens.

I am, of course, not going to stop here, because I only guessed the £5k figure as it sounded just-about-doable, and not least because I still have to cycle to Paris. But I wanted to stop and jump around shouting YAY a bit, because it’s really really cool of you all to have got us this far.


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